Selected Papers

‘The Entrepreneurial Gamer’: Regendering the Order of Play

Jennifer Jenson & Suzanne de Castell
Games & Culture. © 2018

Revisiting the media generation: Youth media use and computational literacy instruction

Jennifer Jenson @ Milena Droumeva.
E-Learning and Digital Media. © 2017

Valuing production values: A ‘do it yourself’ media production club.

Jennifer Jenson, Negin Dahya & Stephanie Fisher.
Learning, Media & Technology © 2013

Deep assessment: An exploratory study of game-based, multimodal learning in Epidemic

Jennifer Jenson, Suzanne de Castell, Nicholas Taylor & Kurt Thumlert
Digital Cultures and Education. © 2016

Playing and learning: An iPad game development and implementation case study

Jennifer Jenson, Suzanne de Castell, Rachel Muehrer & Erin McLaughlin-Jenkins
Canadian Journal of Learning & Technology. © 2016

Exploring media literacy and computational thinking: A game maker curriculum study

Jennifer Jenson & Milena Droumeva
The Electronic Journal of E-Learning. © 2016

From Simulation to Imitation: Controllers, Corporeality and Mimetic Play.

Suzanne de Castell, Jennifer Jenson & Kurt Thumlert
Simulation & Gaming. © 2014

Theorizing gender and digital gameplay: Oversights, accidents and surprises.

Jennifer Jenson & Suzanne de Castell.
Eludamos. Journal for Computer Game Culture. © 2008